Cactus Fields

Part One

After seven months of brutal drought, Terra McHale, a beleaguered farmer, discovers the answer to ending the drought lies with the town pariah, Willow Gravis. But Terra quickly discovers there is more to Willow and the town than she knew.

Content Warning: Discussions of Sexual Abuse

Part Two

After discovering Willow's secret, Terra is wracked with guilt. As the divine retribution on the town becomes more severe, Terra must attempt to make things right with Willow for all of their sakes.

Content Warning: Discussions of Sexual Abuse

Desert Views
Desert Cactus Landscape

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   The Show

First developed in the Sidenote Play Development Project created by, now Howard Alumna, Jazzy Davis ('19), Retribution began as a one-act following the Terra McHale on her quest to end a divine drought. From that initial one-act, writer, Jade Madison Scott, decided to expand on the ideas posited. 

Our shared era is infatuated with the concepts of accountability and retribution. When a person is hurt how does one make it right? What role does the community play in perpetuating systems of abuse? How can community stop abuse?


Ultimately, Retribution answers none of these questions, as they are much too broad to be answered in two hours, but it does encourage those that listen to continue to imagine what a fair and just world can look like.

Retribution would not have existed with the help of a good deal of people. Click the button below to see the list of special thanks. 



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